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 Sabaek Invest is a public shareholding company established in 2007 with a paid up capital of JD 8 million, regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) and listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) in 2008. Sabaek Invest is licensed by the (JSC), to act as an Investment Manager, Investment Adviser, Custody and Underwriter, Research and Brokerage. Sabaek Invest is a Jordanian financial services firm that provides investment banking and investment management services to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. The Board of Directors, led by the Chairman Dr. Jamil Shaban, encompasses various local and regional financial institutions that provide the Company with Exposure to local and regional capital markets, alongside a wealth of technical and financial expertise. By working with Sabaek Invest, you will have access to a team of professionals and resources who are committed to serve you and provide you with the best services and advice on your investments and portfolios.


 1. Asset Management Sabaek Invest manages discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios for its clients. Our team actively manages discretionary portfolios comprised of local, regional, and international securities in accordance with clients' objectives and constraints in terms of asset classes and risk/return profiles. Our portfolio management services also include non-discretionary custody portfolios, which are passively run on behalf of our clients.

2. Corporate Finance Our Corporate Finance Division consists of a team with a wealth of experience in the full range of investment banking products. Our Corporate Finance team can support you in the following business areas:- - Corporate Restructuring - Fairness Opinions & Valuations - Public Offerings - Mergers & Acquisitions - Private Placements

 3. Research Sabaek Invest Research Department provides insightful and independent research covering the equity market of ASE, by utilizing the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by the most capable and professional team of financial analysts. Our equity coverage includes all listed and unlisted companies in the ASE. In addition, our research team monitors and analyzes the results of the companies in a quarterly manner, and provides financial consultation in Technical and Fundamental Analysis to all our clients.


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