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About Us

Sabaek for Financial Services (L.L.C) is a Jordanian Brokerage firm that is considered the subsidiary company of Sabaek Invest (P.L.C).
Its capitals worth is 3 million JODs equivalent to 4.23 million USD, and is licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), as is a member of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) and the Securities Depository Center (SDC). In 2010 the company launched its services offering the purchase and sale of stocks and bonds for its clients in Amman Stock Exchange. Sabaek has been proved to provide the best execution of its client’s orders.

The Company’s main focus is delivering high customer service, meeting its customers’ demands and providing reliable reports. As well as preparing comprehensive studies and reports held by financial experts and analysts at Sabaek Invest. The company is highly engaged in its strategy which is committed to delivering high quality of customer service as implying their goals & objectives within a professional manner. Through superior services, we will gain the competitive edge.


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